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Installing a Metal Fence in Northbrook: Everything You Need to Know


Installing a Metal Fence in Northbrook: Everything You Need to Know

Are you getting ready to install a fence around your home or business property in Northbrook? If so, you might consider installing a metal fence. Metal fences are strong, durable, and capable of providing a great deal of security, among other benefits.

Looking to learn a little more about metal fencing in Northbrook, Illinois? Then read on. This blog post has all the information you need.

The History of Metal Fencing in America

Metal fences have existed in America since before the country’s inception. However, the vast majority of these metal fences existed around only the most expensive of properties. At this time, wrought iron was the metal of choice for fencing purposes.

Eventually, however, as blacksmith practices became more and more industrialized, more homeowners were able to afford metal fences. During the Victorian era, in particular, they became very popular.

For years, wrought iron was the only suitable metal fencing option available. However, this would all change in the 20th century when fence manufacturers began to mass-produce steel and aluminum fencing.

These days, all three materials are utilized, with each offering something a little different in terms of cost, aesthetic, and functionality.

Metal Fencing Materials

Aluminum, steel, and wrought iron are the primary metal fencing materials on the market today. While each is terrific in its own way, each also has its downsides. Below, we’re going to discuss the details of each material, highlighting the areas where it thrives as well as the areas where it falters.


Available in both a hollow, tubular option as well as a solid option, aluminum fencing is the weakest of the three primary metal fencing materials. Not to mention, it’s the most aesthetically plain of the three materials as well.

However, due to the fact that aluminum fencing is usually coated, it offers terrific resistance to rain. Because of this, it requires essentially no maintenance whatsoever. While it won’t last quite as long as steel and wrought iron, it will generally last for well over half a century.


Like aluminum, steel is available in both tubular and solid options. A strong material, it works terrifically for security purposes. Lasting for approximately 75 years, steel fencing costs around the same price as wrought iron.

In terms of aesthetics, steel is fairly versatile. While almost all steel fences are black, they do offer some intricate design options.

Unlike aluminum fencing, steel fencing does require some maintenance. If it scratches, it will need to be sanded and repainted. Plus, it will require regular coats of paint over the years.

Wrought Iron

Strong, durable, and malleable, wrought iron can not only survive for centuries, but it can also be shaped to meet a variety of different styles. While it’s certainly on the expensive side, it’s well worth its purchase price.

Unlike steel and aluminum fencing, wrought iron fencing is available only in a solid option. It does not contain any hollow tubes and is generally regarded as one of the stronger fencing materials available. For this reason, it’s often used to secure businesses and commercial properties.

Maintenance-wise, wrought iron can be a little intensive. Unlike steel and aluminum, it rusts fairly easily and will need to be painted every few years. However, if you’re alright with the maintenance, it can be a great investment.

Looking to Install a New Fence in Northbrook?

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