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Residential Gallery

See What’s Possible with Our Residential Property Transformations

From unkempt to artfully structured, from ordinary to outstanding – take a look at some examples of what’s possible with residential property fencing. This is just a small sampling of the residential fencing jobs that the certified installers at Action Fence have completed.

As you can see, your professional fence contractor in Mundelein can transform a residential property. Nice clean lines, a more manicured look – we guarantee superior results for all of our residential customers.

Our professional grade fencing is made of high quality materials that are available in a range of styles and sizes. We work with each customer to custom-create a fencing solution that’s perfect for each unique property. We’ll work with your yard layout and personal preferences to come up with the perfect configuration.

In addition to a more attractive, refined look, you’ll also benefit from increased security and protection from our custom designed and professionally installed fences.

Some of our residential fencing options include:

Chain Link. Classic, basic and reliable, a chain link fence gets the job done while still allowing plenty of visibility. Ideal for fencing in a pet or delineating a property line.

Wood. Wood fencing allows for virtually unlimited creative possibilities. From a more rustic look to something custom designed to reflect your personal tastes, we’ll make your vision a reality. Our custom designed, professionally installed wood fences add style and flair while also securing your property.

Pool Enclosures. Add security and refinement to your pool area with a custom made pool enclosure. In addition to creating a more professional and appealing look on your property, you’ll also protect your pool from uninvited visitors.

Security Gates. When extra safety and security is desired, one of our high quality fencing solutions with an added security gate can do the job – while still looking sleek and streamlined.

From chain link and wood fencing to pool enclosures and security gates, your trusted fence contractor in Mundelein can deliver the perfect fencing solution for your needs. We pledge high quality craftsmanship and creativity while also meeting your specifications and keeping each project within budget.

High quality fences from your fence contractor in Mundelein significantly increase protection around your home while also creating a more refined look. Contact Action Fence today at 847-949- 6690 to discuss your vision and begin planning your residential fencing project.