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Which Fencing Materials Should You Consider for Your Home? Insights from a Residential Fencing Company in Mundelein, Illinois

Residential fencing company in Mundelein Illinois

Which Fencing Materials Should You Consider for Your Home? Insights from a Residential Fencing Company in Mundelein, Illinois

When you think of residential fences, you might think of wood fences or vinyl fences. In truth, however, these are just two of the many options that exist today.

Are you interested in learning about all the most popular fencing options that are available? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This residential fencing company in Mundelein, Illinois is going to review them below.

Wood Fencing

We’ll start our discussion with wood, which is a natural material with a rustic and authentic look. Wood fencing can be painted and stained to present a variety of different styles. This makes it the most aesthetically versatile fencing material in existence.

Wood isn’t just aesthetically beneficial — it also provides several functional benefits. For one, it offers tremendous privacy. It’s completely opaque and blocks off visibility entirely. In addition, it’s difficult to climb over, making it great for security purposes as well.

The only potential downside to wood fencing is that it requires a lot of maintenance compared to other materials. This includes regular cleaning, painting, and sealing. However, assuming it receives this, it should last 20 to 25 years.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing offers excellent privacy and security. In addition, it requires almost nothing in terms of maintenance. An occasional cleaning will allow it to thrive.

Vinyl fencing typically lasts around 30 years. It’s also highly resistant to both sunlight and water, which makes it a great set-it-and-forget-it material.

Aesthetically, it’s good, though many do not consider it to be great. Most reputable residential fencing companies in Mundelein, Illinois offer vinyl fencing in a variety of colors. However, some believe it to have a “mass manufactured” look. Nonetheless, it’s extremely popular, in large part due to its low cost and low maintenance needs.

Chain Link Fencing

Up next is chain link, the cheapest of all residential fencing materials. Chain link may not have the most attractive appearance. However, it still has a lot to offer in terms of functional benefits.

It offers decent security. However, it can be climbed relatively easily. That said, it does a good job of keeping passersby out of your yard, as well as keeping dogs confined to your property.

It doesn’t provide any privacy in and of itself. However, your residential fencing company in Mundelein, Illinois can adorn it with privacy slats, thereby giving it a decent level of privacy overall.

As far as maintenance goes, it doesn’t need much at all — just a basic cleaning here and there. Regardless, it tends to last around 30 years.

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is essentially vinyl fencing on steroids. It’s made from both natural and synthetic materials, giving it a winning combination of durability, low maintenance needs, and attractive aesthetics. In general, it only needs to be cleaned on occasion. If it is, it should last well over 50 years.

Composite fencing offers ample privacy and a decent level of security. Aesthetically speaking, it possesses the appearance of treated wood. The only potential downside to composite is its price, which can be quite high. That said, it offers plenty of value for the price.

Metal Fencing

There are two primary metal fencing options: steel and wrought iron. Both can last over 100 years, with steel requiring very little maintenance and wrought iron requiring quite a bit of it (such as de-rusting, for example).

Neither material provides much privacy. However, they’re both extremely secure. They also look great. Whereas wrought iron possesses a Victorian-era regality, steel possesses a modern sleekness.

Depending on which residential fencing company in Mundelein, Illinois you work with, they can be relatively expensive. That said, their long lifespan often justifies their high up-front cost.

Looking for a Residential Fencing Company in Mundelein, Illinois?

Now that you are familiar with the popular fencing materials that are available, are you ready to have your new fence installed? If so, and if you’re looking for the best residential fencing company in Mundelein, Illinois, Action Fence is the company to call.

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