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The 3 Facets of Maintaining a Wood Fence


The 3 Facets of Maintaining a Wood Fence

Having a wood fence in your yard can add a rustic, yet charming aesthetic that stands out amongst the other yards in your neighborhood. However, wood fences are not all rainbows and sunshine. In order for them to thrive, they require consistent maintenance.

Wood fence maintenance in Arlington Heights, Illinois is arguably the most time-consuming and troublesome of all types of fence maintenance. In general, it includes three major facets: cleaning, damage repair, and staining. Let’s review those three facets below.


Like any type of fence, a wood fence will, after some time, become dirty. Therefore, in order to maintain its aesthetic, you will need to clean it.

Cleaning a wood fence is fairly simple, but it will require some supplies. These supplies include wood or fence cleaner, a brush, and, in many cases, a power washer.

First, you should use the brush to spread the wood cleaner all over your fence, making sure that you work it into cracks and crevices as much as possible. After the surface has been covered, you will need to let it sit for around a half hour.

From there, you can use your power washer to remove all of the cleaner which you applied. Be sure to move the power washer from left to right as you spray. Leaving it in one place for too long can cause damage to your fence.

After you have power washed the fence, you can simply let it air dry. Completing these steps every few months will produce the best results.

Damage Repair

Next, you can inspect your fence for any potential damage. It is possible that some of the wooden planks contained within your fence have suffered physical trauma. This physical trauma usually presents itself in the form of cracks and splits.

In many cases, you will be able to salvage any damaged areas by utilizing a waterproof glue. Simply apply this glue to the affected area and wait for it to dry. This process can take up to a day to complete, so it’s sometimes wise to also utilize tape.

You should also keep an eye out for loose planks. If the screws used to fasten these planks become loose or deteriorated, you can either tighten or replace them.


Perhaps the most important part of wood fence maintenance is staining. Wood fences that are not regularly stained almost always suffer from water and sun damage, causing the fence to warp and lose its structural integrity.

When choosing a wood stain, you may want to choose a color that accommodates your home. These stains come in a number of different shades, from white, to red, to brown, and everything in between. It’s also important that you choose a stain with anti-moisture and sun-resistant capabilities.

Once you have selected your stain, you can apply it to your fence by using brushes and paint rollers to reach every nook and cranny. Then, give it around a full day to dry. By doing this every one or two years, you can maintain the health and structural integrity of your fence, allowing it to thrive for decades.

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