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The Best Fences for Pets

The Best Fences for Pets

They say good fences make good neighbors. Did you know that the right fence can make for a better — and safer — pet, too? Many Chicago area homeowners trust their fences to keep things off their property, but sometimes what, and who, your fence keeps on your property is just as important. If keeping your four-legged pals safe is a top priority, Action Fence has the tips and expertise for the job.

Choosing the Right Fence

We’ve helped municipalities, businesses and homeowners from Chicago, Waukegan, Lake Forest, and here in Mundelein increase their curb appeal, protect their property, and beautify their properties for decades. Through this experience — which includes building attractive and effective dog runs — we’ve come to learn a few things about animal behavior and the best fencing for dogs.

Fence Height

Dogs love to climb and jump. If you own a smaller breed like a Yorkie, this doesn’t pose any particular problem. However, some dogs look at a fence and see a challenge. We suggest a minimum height of four feet, but for larger dogs, or dogs that are high jumpers, a six-foot fence works best.

Fence Depth

Once your dog figures out that she can’t vault the fence, she may decide to burrow under it instead. Some dogs, like Huskies and Samoyeds, have a natural curiosity and playfulness that makes them natural escape artists. Having the fence go deeper — or putting obstacles like a stone wall or certain shrubs in the vicinity — is helpful.

Proper Fence Spacing

Chain link fences can be effective in keeping your furry pal fenced in, but they can fall short in other ways. One of these is visibility. If your dog can see every passing car, dog, squirrel, and bike rider, he’s likely to be stressed more easily — and much more vocal than usual. What’s more, there’s a greater chance of behavioral problems and other issues arising from contact with other animals and curious neighborhood kids.

Fence Condition

Maybe you’ve already got a fence that you think ticks all the boxes. Remember, if that fence isn’t in a state of good repair, it’s close to having no fence at all. Loose boards, rotting posts, gates with loose or rusted hinges, and a number of other condition issues can endanger your pet. We can inspect your fence and advise whether it’s time for a repair or a replacement.

A Word About Invisible Pet Fences

At first glance, invisible pet fences would seem to be a great solution. They’re inexpensive, they don’t need to be painted, and you’ll never have to worry about them clashing with your landscaping. Unfortunately, that’s about all they’ve got going for them.

What the companies selling these fences won’t tell you — but nearly any animal shelter will — is that if your pet feels sufficiently excited, aggravated, or threatened, that combination of shock collar and an invisible barrier isn’t going to be effective at all. What’s more, they’re only designed to keep animals in; they’ll do nothing to keep intruders (whether it’s a burglar, a stray animal, or a too-curious kid) out.

In short, your fencing is like any other important part of your home: if it’s worth doing, it’s worth getting right the first time. A wide range of customers — from the Chicago White Sox to the United States Navy and countless homeowners like you — trust Action Fence with their most important jobs. Contact us today at 847-949-6690 for a free fence installation quote!

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