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Smart Privacy Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

Smart Privacy Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

Seeking inspiration for your next privacy solution or security fence near Mundelein? Here are some suggestions from Action Fence, serving Mundelein and northern Illinois for more than 40 years.

A Curved or Linear Trellis Fence

Trellis fences are terrific choices for privacy fences, since they imply separation without restricting daylight and airflow from entering your garden, patio, or sitting area. Add a built-in bench to your curved or linear trellis fence (the shape depends on the space you have to work with) and make it a desirable spot for rest and relaxation. If your yard often gets windy and/or warm, consider incorporating glass or acrylic blocks in certain sections of the trellis. These can block out sun and wind while still maintaining a feeling of openness.

Deck Privacy

The decks found on most homes have exposure to either the street, the sidewalk, or the neighbors. In some cases, more than one of these applies. Give your deck in Libertyville or Gurnee a sense of privacy by adding a privacy fence. It doesn’t need to be imposing, or solid all the way around – just something that makes the deck feel more secluded. Along with a privacy fence, other solutions include screens, a tasteful wall (brick or old stone), or trees/shrubs.

Lattice Fence

Similar to a trellis fence but more open, a lattice fence is a nice choice if you’re looking for a privacy fence to put along your property line to delineate your property from your neighbor’s. Some people can be turned off by the sight of a large, imposing fence, especially if they aren’t especially fond of the side that’s facing their home. Lattice is a great alternative – its open, airy design gives it a much friendlier feel, and you can spruce it up with flower boxes and a flowering vine.

Curved Privacy Screen

Any architect or designer will tell you that a curved surface always conveys a softer, less-threatening vibe to any structure. A curved privacy screen built atop an existing railing or low fence not only gives your home’s deck or backyard an added sense of intimacy, it’s also nice to look at, especially when you opt for a “see-through” design such as trellis or lattice. The ideal position for such screens is in places where your neighbors’ windows look straight into your backyard.

Go Rustic

A rustic, wood privacy fence looks very tasteful, especially in an area heavy with trees and foliage. A rustic slat fence built around a specific portion of your backyard (an area with a hammock, or a sitting area in a garden) offers privacy and attractiveness without feeling like you’ve walled yourself in.

Consider a Pergola

Combining an overhead pergola with wire-mesh screening that’s mostly concealed by large bushes or trees is a nice way to define an outdoor space like a pool or spa and enhance its intimacy. A pergola is also a nice choice for a deck, where it can build off the back of the house and combined with tasteful pillars and a railing to create a cozy dining or relaxation area.

For more privacy solution ideas, contact the experts at Action Fence today.

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