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A Review of the Metal Fencing Materials that Are Available: Insights from a Residential Fence Contractor in Niles, Illinois

Residential fence contractor in Niles Illinois

A Review of the Metal Fencing Materials that Are Available: Insights from a Residential Fence Contractor in Niles, Illinois

Today, there are several different materials that can be used for residential fences. But of all the options that are available, there are few that outperform metal fences.

There are a few different types of metal fences that are available, including wrought iron, steel, chain link, and more. Are you looking for more information about these options? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This residential fence contractor in Niles, Illinois is going to review them below.

Wrought Iron Fencing

We’ll begin by discussing wrought iron. This material is extremely durable, capable of lasting for well over 100 years. Note, though, that if it’s going to last that long, it’s going to need quite a bit of maintenance.

In addition to cleaning your wrought iron fence, you’ll also need to de-rust and re-paint. This needs to be done every few years or so. If it’s not, your fence will rust through prematurely.

Aesthetically, wrought iron is quite pleasant. It possesses a luxurious and high-end appearance, helping to enhance any property around which it’s installed.

In terms of functionality, wrought iron is great for security purposes but not quite as great for privacy purposes. Yes, it’s exceedingly strong and difficult to scale. However, due to the way that it’s constructed, it’s essentially entirely transparent.

Depending on which residential fence contractor in Niles, Illinois you work with, a wrought iron fence can be expensive. However, due to its exceptional durability, it offers a decent amount of value for the price.

Steel Fencing

Steel is like wrought iron in a lot of ways. For instance, it’s extremely durable and capable of thriving for over 100 years of use. There are big differences, however.

For instance, steel doesn’t require as much maintenance as wrought iron. Whereas wrought iron needs to be de-rusted and re-painted on a regular basis, steel only needs to be cleaned on occasion.

In addition, steel has a different look than wrought iron. Wrought iron’s appearance is traditional, whereas steel’s appearance is modern.

In terms of price, steel tends to be right in line with wrought iron. It’s important to note, though, that steel fencing costs less money to maintain. Therefore, it tends to be a more affordable option in the long run.

Wondering about the functionality of steel fencing? Like wrought iron, it’s great for security purposes but poor for privacy purposes. This is because, as with wrought iron, it’s essentially transparent. If you would like to learn more about its functionality, do not hesitate to reach out to a residential fence contractor in Niles, Illinois.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is entirely different than steel and wrought iron fencing. Whereas steel and wrought iron are extremely solid materials, chain link has quite a bit of give to it. It moves when pressed on, and, as you might expect, can be cut through more easily.

Chain link lasts around 30 years. It doesn’t require much maintenance. In most cases, it just needs to be washed from time to time.

This material doesn’t possess the most attractive aesthetic. Most people find it to be sort of bland. That said, it won’t do anything to hurt the look of your property.

Cost-wise, it’s very affordable — in fact, it’s one of the most affordable materials offered by residential fence contractors in Niles, Illinois. This makes it the ultimate budget-friendly fencing option.

As far as functionality goes, it’s good for security and okay for privacy. In and of itself, it doesn’t provide much privacy. But it can be covered with privacy slats, making it almost entirety opaque.

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