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How to Incorporate Your Fence into Your Landscaping

How to Incorporate Your Fence into Your Landscaping

Have you ever stopped to think about how much your fence does for you? It’s a boundary for your property; it keeps those you don’t want in, out, and keeps those you want in, in. It even contributes to your curb appeal — provided, of course, you do it right. Action Fence has some simple tips to keep your home looking great by matching your fence to your landscaping.

Game, Set, Match

For starters, your fence shouldn’t look like an afterthought. If you’re living in a craftsman home with a charming, rambling English garden look outside, a modern stark white vinyl fence — no matter how expertly installed — is going to clash with the surroundings. It helps to find something that harmonizes with the style and materials you’ve already got.

Treat Your Yard Like a Second Home

In the summer months, you want to get the most out of your yard. One way to do this is to approach it in much the same way you would the inside of your home. Rather than thinking of your yard as an expanse of grass and shrubs that are boxed in by a fence, approach it thematically.

Using a combination of fencing, stone, outdoor furniture, and a dash of creativity you can create themed room-like areas that invite people to congregate, that encourage solitude, or give your kids and pets plenty of room to let loose without bothering the adults.

Work With Your Hardscaping

Landscaping is more than just what’s growing on your property. Be creative with other decor, including pavers, gazing balls, and water features. If you’re planning a major outdoor redesign, your fence builder in Mundelein can help you choose a design and materials that complement your vision, whether you’re matching a swimming pool or new patio, or choosing something to accent your new deck.

Treat Your Fence Like a Canvas

When you wanted to give your home some personality, you probably carefully chose decorative items, photos, and prints to give your home some warmth and a splash of color. Don’t forget to do the same outdoors!

Adding color to your yard isn’t just about what’s put around your fence; you can use the fence itself much the same as you would the walls in your home. Even though you don’t want to put too much weight on fences and gates, there are still ways to add accent pieces throughout your yard. Planters are popular on fences, and so are ivies and other climbing plants. There’s a wide variety of metalwork, accent lighting, and even weatherproof canvas prints, so let your imagination run wild!

Of course, the first step is to have the right fence installed by the right Mundelein fence builder. Beyond a simple installation, Action Fence will be happy to help you plan your outdoor space so that it’s an extension of the look and feel you want. We draw on many years’ experience building fences for very particular clients, and we’d love to add your unique project to our extensive portfolio. Contact our fencing specialists at 847-949-6690 today!

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