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How to Extend the Life Expectancy of Wrought Iron Fences

How to Extend the Life Expectancy of Wrought Iron Fences

Ornamental fencing adds to home value and improves security and safety of your home, family, pets and belongings. Yet, many believe wrought iron fences in Mundelein require intensive upkeep and repair. However, you can extend the life expectancy of your wrought iron fences Mundelein homeowners love by following a few simple tips.

Keep Vegetation Cut Back to Put Wrought Iron Fence Mundelein Homeowners at Ease

Vegetation can damage wrought iron fences when left untrimmed. Large plants can grow around the individual bars and cause the fence to bend and break. Keep all vegetation clear of wrought iron fences, and avoid planting items requiring extensive watering along your fence. This will help to reduce rusting and the impact of moisture on crevices and fence posts. In addition, consider using drip irrigation systems to minimize water exposure.

Clean and Wax Your Wrought Iron Fences.

Being an outdoor element to your home does not mean you can avoid cleaning your fences. Clean the fence regularly with soapy water. Make a soap mixture using one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to one gallon of water. To make the process faster, use a spray bottle to apply the mixture, rinse and dry with a towel. Next, apply wax, like that used for protecting cars, to all surfaces of the fence. This will help prevent flaking and bubbling of paint.

Remove Flaking or Bubbling Paint Immediately.

There will be times when your paint chips, flakes or bubbles even with dedicated cleanings. When this happens, remove it with a wire brush or grinder. Sand the area down, and fill any holes or pits with metal filler, available at your local hardware store. Clean the area as explained previously, and apply a rust-resistant primer. Apply rust-resistant spray paint to the affected area.

Use Rust-Resistant Paint to Cover Large Rust Areas or Exposed Areas.

When large areas of the fence begin to rust or lose their appeal, it is time to repaint the fence. Using sandpaper or a rotary tool equipped with a grinder, remove as much rust and flaking paint as possible. You may also consider purchasing a chemical rust converter, explains the National Park Service, which dries to a black finish. However, rust converters can be heavily toxic and stain stones. So, it is best to remove existing rust by hand or tool, apply primer and repaint the area. It may take longer, but the results are worth it.

Get the Wrought Iron Fence You Want Today.

While it might seem like a lot to maintain a wrought iron fence, think of it as an extension of lawn care. You may only have to clean the fence once per month or per week, depending on how the weather has been. Since wrought iron fences do take some upkeep and planning, you may consider hiring a local contractor to maintain your fence. If you are ready to get the wrought iron look you want, contact Action Fence Contractors in Mundelein by calling 1 (847) 949-6690 today.

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