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Things to Consider When Installing a Fence; Insights from a Highland Park, Illinois Fence Company


Things to Consider When Installing a Fence; Insights from a Highland Park, Illinois Fence Company

Between the clear, blue skies and the long, warm days, the weather is nearly perfect in summertime in Highland Park, Illinois. If ever there were a time to install a fence, now would be that time.

Are you interested in installing a fence in Highland Park? Need help choosing the right material? Then don’t stop reading now. Below, we’re going to discuss the many characteristics you’ll want to consider when choosing a fencing material.


One of the most important characteristics to consider when installing a fence is durability. After all, the longer your fence lasts, the less often you’ll have to replace it, and the less money you’ll have to spend over time.

At a minimum, fencing materials last around 20 years. These include chain link, wood, and vinyl. At a maximum, fencing materials can last over 100 years. These include wrought iron, steel, and aluminum. Composite and fiber cement generally fall in the middle of the range, lasting between 30 and 50 years.

Maintenance Needs

Maintenance needs are another big consideration to make, as they will directly affect the amount of attention and care your fence requires over the years. The more maintenance a material requires, the more time and money you’re going to have to devote it.

The fencing material that requires the most maintenance is wood. Conversely, the fencing materials with the fewest maintenance needs are vinyl, composite, fiber cement, and chain link. Aluminum, steel, and wrought iron require moderate amounts of maintenance.


For most people, cost is a consideration that is weighed carefully. Fencing materials vary from relatively inexpensive to downright expensive, and they have the potential to put quite a dent in your bank account. Remember: when assessing cost, you should consider both initial costs and maintenance costs over time.

The cheapest fencing material is chain link, which has both a low initial cost and low maintenance costs. Next up is vinyl, which also has a low initial cost and low maintenance costs.

Wood has a low initial cost, but it can be fairly costly to maintain over the years. On the other hand, composite and fiber cement have a high initial cost, but are cheap to maintain over the years.

Wrought iron, aluminum, and steel come with a high initial cost and moderate maintenance costs to boot. Metal materials are regarded as the most expensive.


While every fence material is capable of bringing an aesthetic enhancement to your property, some materials do a better job than others. Chain link is generally considered to be at the bottom of the totem pole in this department. Wrought iron and wood are generally considered to be toward the top. Vinyl, composite, fiber cement, wood, aluminum, and steel all fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

Functional Capabilities

The last thing to consider when choosing a fence material is functional capabilities. Whereas some fencing materials offer terrific security, other fencing materials offer ample privacy. Some offer both.

Vinyl, wood, fiber cement, and composite offer a good combination of both. One thing to note, however, is that they all differ in overall efficacy. For instance, fiber cement is stronger than wood, and therefore can’t be broken as easily.

Chain link offers good security but is lacking in privacy. This is also true of steel, aluminum, and wrought iron. Note, however, that you’ll have the option to place an opaque cover over any of these materials if you wish.

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