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What Does a Fence Installation Entail? Insights from a Fence Installation Contractor in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

Fence installation contractor in Hawthorn Woods Illinois

What Does a Fence Installation Entail? Insights from a Fence Installation Contractor in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

Are you getting ready to install a new fence around your property? Interested in learning about the fence installation process and what it entails? If so, this article is for you.

While the process can vary depending on the material you use, most fence installation projects follow the same general steps. This fence installation contractor in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois is going to discuss the process below.

The Planning Process

First, the fence installation must be planned out. During the planning process, you’ll determine how much fencing is required, where the fence posts will be placed, where gates will be located, etc.

Planning is integral to installing a fence because it provides a reference point for your fence installation contractor in Hawthorne Woods, Illinois to work off. It is important to have a plan to eliminate any surprises on the backend.

Obtaining a Permit

Next, you’ll need to obtain permits so that you can legally build the fence. Different municipalities have different rules for permitting. In Hawthorn Woods, you’ll need a Class B permit to install a fence legally.

Digging Holes

After the permit has been obtained, the installation will begin. This starts with digging holes. As any professional fence installation contractor in Hawthorne Woods, Illinois knows, you must be careful not to hit any underground powerlines during this step. You can check for the locations of these powerlines by calling 811.

It’s also important to line the holes with gravel. Gravel provides the fence posts with a sturdy base, and it also assists in the drainage of groundwater.

Pouring Concrete

Once holes have been dug and gravel has been added, you’ll need to pour concrete into them. This will be used to anchor fence posts. When pouring the concrete, leave around 6 inches between the top of it and the surface of the ground. After the concrete has dried, this area will be filled with gravel and soil.

Securing the Fence Panels

Your posts will need to set in the concrete. This typically takes a day or two. After the posts have set, you can start securing the fence panels to them.

This is relatively straightforward. You horizontally nail pieces of the fence to the posts to create a frame. The key is to ensure that the panels are being nailed on in a straight manner.

Securing the Pickets

Once the panels have been nailed onto the posts, the pickets will need to be nailed onto the panels. It’s important to align these pickets both vertically and horizontally. If they’re not attached in a straight manner, you will end up with gaps in your fence. Not to mention, it will possess poor aesthetics.

That is why it’s often best to work with a reputable fence installation contractor in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois. Experienced fencing contractors have installed countless fences in the past, and they will have all the tools and knowledge needed to install yours correctly.

Attaching the Gate

Finally, you will attach the gate to the assembled fence. This, of course, means that you need to leave a gap in the portion of the fence in which you want an entryway.

To attach the gate, you’ll need hinges. Attach these to the adjacent post so that they’re perpendicular to the ground. Then, attach the other components to the gate so that it sits parallel to the ground upon installation. Attach the hinges, and you’ll be good to go.

Looking for the Best Fence Installation Contractor in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois?

Now that you have a better understanding of the fence installation process, are you ready to have one installed? If so, and if you’re looking to partner with the best fence installation contractor in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, Action Fence is here to help.

Our crew has installed all types of fences throughout Hawthorn Woods and its surrounding areas over the years. Regardless of your fence installation needs, we are the people to call. Contact us today at (847) 949-6690 to get started.

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