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Popular Wood Fencing Styles to Consider: Insights from a New Fence Contractor in Wilmette, Illinois

Residential wooden fence contractor in Wilmette, Illinois

Popular Wood Fencing Styles to Consider: Insights from a New Fence Contractor in Wilmette, Illinois

Are you thinking about installing a new fence around your yard? Are you set on installing a wood fence, in particular? If so, there are all sorts of wood fencing styles that you may want to consider.

Are you interested in learning about the different wood fencing styles that are available? This new fence contractor in Wilmette, Illinois is going to review some of the most popular options below.

Picket Fence

A picket fence is a three to four-foot-high fence that consists of evenly spaced wood panels with pointed tops. This fencing style is well known for its aesthetics. Despite its size, a picket fence can provide some level of security and confinement for pets. However, they don’t provide much in terms of privacy.

Vertical Board

One of the most common wooden fencing styles is the vertical board fence. This is a fence that consists of narrowly spaced vertical panels. In most cases, the vertical panels are installed so closely together that the fence is nearly impossible to see through.

Vertical board fences are great for just about everything — from privacy to security to aesthetic enhancement and more. If you are looking for a vertical board fence, any reputable fence contractor in Wilmette will be able to install one on your property.

Louver Fence

A louver fence consists of narrowly spaced horizontal panels. They provide a decent amount of privacy, a great amount of security, and they also allow air and sunlight to pass through.

These fences are often preferred for the unique aesthetic they provide. As such, if you want to stay away from the traditional look of a vertical board fence, a louver fence could be a great alternative.

Lattice Fence

A lattice fence consists of widely spaced vertical panels, each of which has an interlaced sheet of lath running between it and the next panel. As such, the fence provides good security and decent privacy, while also allowing sunlight and air to pass through.

You’ll typically find these fences around gardens and pools. Note, though, that they can be used on the perimeter of a yard as well. This fencing style is much more intricate than others, so if you’re thinking about installing this type of fence, it’s important that you partner with a highly skilled fencing contractor in Wilmette.

Post and Rail Fence

A post and rail fence is a large fence that’s used primarily for confining large animals, such as horses or cows. It consists of widely spaced vertical panels, as well as widely spaced horizontal panels. In most cases, there are only two or three horizontal panels stretching throughout the length of the fence.

There is essentially no privacy offered by this style of fence. There isn’t much security either, at least not when it comes to keeping out humans. However, these fences do have a charming aesthetic appeal.

Staggered Panel Fence

The last type of wood fence we’re going to discuss is the staggered panel fence. This fencing style is somewhat like a vertical board fence, but the difference lies in how the vertical boards are positioned.

With a vertical board fence, all the boards are nailed to the same side of the horizontal panels. With a staggered panel fence, however, the boards are staggered — one vertical board is on one side of the horizontal panel, the next vertical board is on the other side of the horizontal panel, and that pattern continues throughout the entirety of the fence.

The benefit of this is that more air can pass through the fence. As such, it can help to keep your yard cool on a hot summer day. If you’re looking to install a staggered panel fence, your local Wilmette fencing contractor is the person to call.

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