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Things You Should Know About Fence Maintenance: Tips from a Fence Contractor in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Fence contractor in Buffalo Grove Illinois

Things You Should Know About Fence Maintenance: Tips from a Fence Contractor in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

If you want your fence to last for as long as possible, and if you want it to perform to the best of its capabilities, you’ll need to perform some routine maintenance from time to time.

The question you might have, though, is: what does adequate fence maintenance involve? Fortunately, this fence contractor in Buffalo Grove, Illinois is going to answer that question in detail below.

Inspect for Loose Attachments

Whether it’s a wood fence, a chain link fence, or otherwise, it has attachments that hold its various components together. Over time, these attachments tend to loosen up, making the fence less and less stable.

Every year or so, you should go around and visually inspect the entirety of your fence, keeping an eye on loose attachments specifically. If you find loose attachments, you should take action to tighten them.

If you own a wood fence, hammering some nails back in will get the job done. If you own another type of fence, you might require the services of a fence contractor in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Clean the Fence

Every year or so, you need to clean your fence. Not only will this keep the fence looking nice, but it will also ensure that the fence doesn’t become stained.

To clean your fence, you’ll need a hard-thistle brush, a pressure washer, and a specialized fence cleaning solution. Use the pressure washer to clean the large portions of the fence while using the hard-thistle brush to clean the hard-to-access areas. For each portion of the cleaning, use both water and cleaning solution.

Need help cleaning your fence? Your local Buffalo Grove fence contractor can help you with the task.

Trim Your Trees

Our next tip doesn’t involve your fence at all. However, it could go on to protect your fence down the line. We’re speaking of trimming up your trees.

When tree branches are long, they’re more prone to cracking. When this occurs, they fall to the ground below, doing damage to whatever they encounter. In many cases, this is a fence.

By trimming your tree branches, you reduce the risk of falling branches, and therefore limit the amount of physical trauma that your fence takes on. This allows it to last longer than it would otherwise while also allowing it to maintain its aesthetic.

Remove Rust Swiftly

If you have a wrought iron, steel, aluminum, or chain link fence, there’s a decent chance that it will rust at some point. When rust appears, you need to remove it as quickly as possible. The longer you allow rust to exist, the more damage it will do and the sooner your fence will cease to be.

To remove light rust, you can use sandpaper or steel wool. If the rust is thick, you’ll need to use a de-rusting solution. Let this solution sit for a day or so, and then use steel wool to rub it off. It should come off relatively easily at that point.

Not sure you’re up to the task? Again, your local fence contractor in Buffalo Grove, Illinois will be happy to help.

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