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Which Fencing Material Is Best for Privacy Purposes? Insights from a Fence Company in Long Grove, Illinois

Residential fence company in Long Grove, Illinois

Which Fencing Material Is Best for Privacy Purposes? Insights from a Fence Company in Long Grove, Illinois

There are all sorts of reasons to install a residential fence. However, one of the most common reasons is to provide your backyard with a bit of privacy.

Are you thinking about installing a privacy fence around your yard? Wondering which fence materials are best for privacy purposes? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This fence company in Long Grove, Illinois is going to review your options below.

Materials That Are Great for Privacy Purposes

There are some materials that are unquestionably great for privacy purposes. These include the following:


Wood is a terrific material for privacy purposes. When positioned correctly, it can create a fence that’s almost entirely opaque. Plus, a reputable fence company in Long Grove, Illinois can build them to any height the homeowner desires. As such, whether the homeowner wants a 4-foot-tall fence or an 8-foot-tall fence, they can be accommodated.

In addition to providing superb privacy, wood also offers a great deal in terms of security and aesthetics. Wood’s only downside is that it requires a good deal of maintenance.


Like wood, vinyl can be positioned in a manner that makes it almost entirely opaque. Note, though, that because vinyl fence materials come pre-manufactured, you cannot customize. That said, there are some truly huge vinyl fences out there, some of which stand 20 feet in height. In other words, for residential purposes, a vinyl fence will easily get the job done.

Other features of a vinyl fence include above-average security as well as attractive aesthetics. Not to mention, vinyl fences are low-maintenance and on the affordable side.


Composite is essentially just vinyl on steroids. As such, it provides the same general privacy capabilities as vinyl. Almost entirely opaque, it’s exceedingly difficult to see through. Available in a variety of heights, it can cover a yard from several vantage points, if needed.

In addition, these fences are strong, durable, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and extremely secure. The only downside is that they can be relatively expensive to install.

Materials That Are Okay for Privacy Purposes

As you can see, there are three primary materials that are great for privacy purposes. There are also some materials that can provide a decent level of privacy under certain circumstances. These include:

Chain Link

In and of itself, chain link doesn’t offer much privacy. In fact, it’s almost entirely see-through. This can be changed, however, with the use of privacy slats. Add these slats to your chain link fence, and it will do a decent job of blocking external vision.

Additional features of chain link fences include low maintenance, low cost, and reasonable security capabilities.


Just as chain link fences can be adorned with privacy slats by your Long Grove, Illinois fence company, so too can steel/aluminum fences. As such, while they provide no privacy on their own, they are highly capable of providing privacy, if needed. Note, though, that this level of privacy pales in comparison to that of the materials discussed above.

Curious as to the additional features of steel/aluminum fences? They’re highly durable, low-maintenance, and extraordinarily secure. The only downside is that they’re relatively expensive.

As always, you can contact your local fence company in Long Grove to discuss how a steel/aluminum fence might work for your purposes.

Looking for the Best Fence Company in Long Grove, Illinois?

Are you thinking about installing a privacy fence around your Long Grove property? Looking for the best fence company in Long Grove, Illinois? If so, we here at Action Fence are the people to call.

We have installed all types of privacy fences throughout Long Grove and its surrounding areas. Regardless of the material you choose, we can get the job done right. Contact us today at (847) 949-6690 to request a free estimate.

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