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Aluminum Fence 101

Aluminum Fence 101

People love aluminum fences because they require little maintenance, they’re durable, and they’re beautiful. However, many owners of aluminum fences confuse the term low maintenance with no maintenance. Since aluminum fences do require a bit of care to stay looking great, we’re going to offer some helpful advice so one can keep their fence looking great for years to come.

Keep It Clean

Most aluminum fences come with a gloss finish that helps protect it from air, UV rays, and rust, it can still be harmed by such forces. For example: When aluminum begins to oxidize, it begins to develop a white powder on the finish. The biggest threat to this finish is algae, as it can grow on your aluminum fence and eat the protective finish. Once the algae eats away the finish, the aluminum fence is robbed of its power. Thankfully, one can remove algae from their aluminum fence by cleaning it with water and soap. If you’re looking to kill every last bit of algae, feel free to add some bleach to the cleaning water.

Keep the Fence Clear

Make sure that trees and shrubs are far and away from the aluminum fence. If you happen to have trees or shrubs near your aluminum fence, it’s important to trim them so that the fence can have room. Although an aluminum fence is tough and sturdy, a tree root can warp the metal so that the fence can no longer stand straight and sturdy.

If the Fence Has Started to Oxidize

If the aluminum fence has started to oxidize and algae has destroyed its finish, there’s still a few things one can do to save it. First, it’s important to wash the fence and remove the algae that has been eating the finish. Then, you’ll begin to apply car wax to the aluminum fence. The car wax will act as protection and prevent additional oxidation on the fence. In addition to this, the car wax will help restore the shine and color of your aluminum fence.

If Destroyed Beyond Repair

Certain aluminum fences may just need a replacement. Since this is likely the case for aluminum fences that have grown ugly or old over the years, feel free to  contact Action Fence Contractors in Mundelein  or by calling 1 (847) 949-6690 today.  We can give you an estimate and set you up with the aluminum fence that you and your property deserve.

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