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Wood Fence Maintenance 101: Tips from a Fencing Company in Wilmette, Illinois

Fencing company in Wilmette IllinoisWood fencing is unique from most other fencing materials in that it requires a great deal of maintenance over time. If it doesn’t receive the necessary maintenance, its lifespan will be significantly shortened. This is one of the most important factors you should consider before installing a wood fence on your property.

Are you looking for more information about wood fencing maintenance and what it entails? This fencing company in Wilmette, Illinois is going to discuss some of the key things you should know below.


Like all other fence materials, wood fencing needs to be cleaned. If it isn’t cleaned, it will not only take on an unappealing aesthetic, but it will stain permanently as well. In some cases, it will also lead to long-term water damage.

You should be cleaning the surfaces of your fence every six months or so. You can do this with a wet and soapy rag, or you can do it with a pressure washer. Note, though, that if you use a pressure washer, you’ll want to make sure you don’t turn its power setting on too high. If you do, you could damage your fence.

If there is algae growing on your fence, you’ll need to remove it with an algae removal solution. Allowing algae to remain will cause water damage to your fence over time, so it’s imperative that it’s removed promptly.


Wood is ultra-prone to moisture and sunlight damage. If not protected from moisture and sunlight, it will deteriorate prematurely, leading to warping and buckling. Warping and buckling will effectively ruin a fence, impairing not only its functional capabilities, but its appearance as well.

This is why, every three years or so, you should apply a sealer to your fence. A sealer is a paint-like substance that dries onto the fence. It reduces the effects of not only moisture but UV rays as well.

In most cases, your fencing company in Wilmette, Illinois will recommend applying the sealer after applying paint. The sealer should go over the paint. Also, when searching for a sealer, be sure to use a wood sealer, specifically. You can find these online and in all home improvement stores.


If you paint your wood fence, you’ll want to reapply paint every three years or so. Why? Because paint fades over time, and it typically starts to fade and peel after around three years of use.

When painting your fence, you should use two full coats. Let the first coat dry, then apply a second. Once you’ve done this, be sure to apply the sealer.

Repair as Needed

Well-installed wood fences are relatively strong. However, they’re also prone to cracking. When cracks form in a wood fence, they can quickly spread and grow bigger.

When you see a crack in your wood fence, you should repair it as soon as possible. You might be able to repair it with a wood filler substance. In more extreme cases, however, you’ll have to replace full fence panels.

If you need assistance, you can always get in touch with your local fencing company in Wilmette, Illinois. They can handle all the repairs and replacements that are necessary.

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