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Things You Should Know About Chain Link Fencing: Insights from a Fencing Company in Mundelein, Illinois

Fencing company in Mundelein IllinoisThere is no shortage of fencing materials on the market today. These vary from vinyl fences to composite fences to metal fences and much more. However, if you are looking for the most affordable fencing material available, chain link fencing is the way to go.

Are you interested in learning about the specifics of chain link fencing? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This fencing company in Mundelein, Illinois is going to discuss some of the key things you should know about chain link fencing below.

The Upsides of a Chain Link Fence

There are many upsides to installing a chain link fence. These include the following:

Affordable Cost

Are you hoping to install a new fence, but are working on a tight budget? If so, chain link fencing is a great material to consider, as it’s the most affordable of all fencing materials. It costs around half of what a wood fence costs, and it’s a fraction of the cost of a composite or steel fence.

Low Maintenance

In addition to being super affordable, chain link fencing also has few maintenance needs. In most cases, it just needs to be cleaned from time to time. You might have to make minor repairs here and there, but that’s situational — it isn’t the case with all chain link fences.

Good Security

Chain link fencing is often used around prisons. That should tell you how good of a security fence it’s capable of being. Yes, prison fences are usually adorned with barbed wire as well. However, for the purposes of residential security, a standard chain link fence can perform that service.

Capable of Providing Privacy

In and of itself, chain link fencing provides very little privacy. However, your fencing company in Mundelein, Illinois can install privacy slats, giving it a reasonable level of privacy when needed.

Easy to Install

Are you looking for a fence that can be installed quickly and easily? If so, you should consider going with chain link fencing. Chain link fencing is prefabricated, which makes it very simple to install.

The Potential Downsides to Chain Link Fencing

Yes, chain link fencing has many upsides. However, it has some potential downsides as well. These include the following:

Limited Aesthetics

Chain link fences aren’t known for their looks. In terms of aesthetics, chain link fences are toward the bottom of the list. Not only are they relatively bland in appearance, but they also only come in a few select colors. That said, most people don’t consider chain link fencing to be unpleasant — they’re just somewhat unremarkable in terms of aesthetics.

Limited Durability

Another downside to chain link fences is that they’re limited in terms of durability. In most cases, they start to deteriorate rapidly after around 25 years of use. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to stop this from happening. Your fence will diminish in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Offers No Privacy On Its Own

With privacy slats attached, chain link fencing can provide a decent level of privacy. However, without slats attached, it offers no privacy whatsoever. If privacy is your main concern, your fencing company in Mundelein, Illinois will recommend going with a different material. Vinyl, composite, and wood are all great for privacy purposes.

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