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Wood vs Vinyl Fencing: A Lake Zurich Fence Company Compares

Wood backyard fence at a house in Lake Zurich, Illinois

Wood vs Vinyl Fencing: A Lake Zurich Fence Company Compares

Are you looking to install a fence around your yard without breaking the bank? If so, you can go ahead and narrow your options down to two of the most affordable materials — wood and vinyl.

Now, the question becomes: which should you choose? Both have their positive attributes, but their downsides as well. To help you make a decision, this Lake Zurich fence company is going to compare their characteristics below. Without further ado, here is an in-depth comparison of wood and vinyl fencing:

Which Material Is More Durable?

Both wood and vinyl fences possess decent durability. However, you’ll generally get more years out of a vinyl fence than a wood fence. This is because wood is vulnerable to the effects of water, and it tends to buckle and warp within about 15 years of being installed.

Vinyl fencing, on the other hand, is almost entirely resistant to water. As such, it rarely warps, and it’s typically able to maintain its aesthetic for around 20 years.

At a maximum, wood fencing will last around 20 years with proper maintenance. Vinyl fencing, on the other hand, will top out at around 30 years.

Which Material Is Easier to Maintain?

There’s no doubt about this one: vinyl fencing is much easier to maintain than wood fencing. Again, this has to do with water vulnerability.

Because wood is so vulnerable to water, it needs to be sealed on a regular basis — generally every three to five years. Vinyl fencing, conversely, isn’t vulnerable to water at all, and it only requires a basic cleaning from time to time.

Not only will you spend more time maintaining wood fencing, but more money as well.

Which Material Is Aesthetically Superior?

Aesthetic preferences are, by and large, subjective. However, most people would likely tell you that wood fencing is aesthetically superior to vinyl fencing.

This is because vinyl fencing has somewhat of a mass manufactured feel to it. It looks decent, and it’s available in a number of colors, but it’s essentially identical to all other vinyl fencing. This is a turn-off to some homeowners.

Wood fencing, on the other hand, has a natural and authentic feel. As such, it tends to feel a little more “high end”. Capable of being painted or stained any color, it’s an extremely versatile material.

Which Material Provides Greater Security?

Both wood and vinyl fences are capable of providing adequate security. Not only are they reasonably strong, but they’re relatively difficult to climb over as well.

The thing to keep in mind here is that vinyl is just a little harder to break through. As such, if you’re trying to keep intruders out, vinyl is probably the better option. Note, though, that if security is your only goal, then vinyl is not the best option overall. Metal fencing materials like steel or wrought iron would likely be better choices.

Which Material Provides Greater Privacy?

In terms of privacy, both wood and vinyl are great options. These materials generally stand at around 6 feet tall, blocking the views of most passersby entirely. They’re also opaque in appearance, making them impossible to see through.

In fact, there is no other fencing material that provides a greater level of privacy than wood and vinyl. They’re the best of the bunch in this department, making them great for most residential fencing purposes.

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