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Wrought Iron vs Steel Fencing: Which Option Is Right for Your Property? Insights from a Fencing Company in Glencoe, Illinois

Fencing company in Glencoe IllinoisWhen it comes to metal fencing materials, there are two primary options — one of these is wrought iron, while the other is steel. Both have their share of pros, but some drawbacks as well.

Are you interested in learning more about how these two fencing materials compare? This fencing company in Glencoe, Illinois is going to review them both below.


In terms of durability, both materials are exceptional. These are the most durable fencing materials in existence. They tend to last well over 100 years.

That said, there is a major difference that you’ll want to consider. Namely, wrought iron fences will only make it past 100 years if they’re properly and stringently maintained. Steel fences, on the other hand, don’t require quite as much maintenance.


We just brought up maintenance needs. Let’s go into more detail about them. Whereas steel fencing is relatively resistant to the effects of rain and sunlight, wrought iron is somewhat vulnerable to them. Moisture, specifically, has quite a negative effect on wrought iron, causing it to rust over time.

Because of this, wrought iron fencing needs to be de-rusted every few years. In addition, it needs to be repainted. This not only costs money, but time and effort as well.

Steel fencing, on the other hand, only needs to be cleaned from time to time. If you clean it regularly, it should remain in relatively good condition over the years.


Aesthetically speaking, both materials are excellent. Whereas wrought iron has a Victorian-era luxuriousness about it, steel has a sleek and modern aesthetic. Both can transform a property’s aesthetic.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. If you like a more traditional aesthetic, wrought iron will win out. If you like something newer-looking, steel will reign supreme.


As far as cost goes, there isn’t a great deal of difference between steel and wrought iron. They’re both on the expensive side and cost quite a bit of money to install as well. That said, because they last so long, they provide great value for the price.

Where you will notice a difference is in maintenance costs. Put simply, the maintenance for a wrought iron fence is more expensive than the maintenance for a steel fence. Therefore, wrought iron fencing ends up being costlier to keep up with in the long run.


Steel is a tougher material overall than wrought iron. Wrought iron is more prone to dents and dings and is also easier to bend. If strength and toughness are most important to you, your fencing company in Glencoe, Illinois may recommend going with steel over wrought iron.


The functionality of the two fence materials is just about equal. Both materials provide tremendous levels of security while lacking in terms of privacy. Their construction style makes it so that they’re essentially see-through.

In essence, if you want a great deal of security, both wrought iron and steel fencing will serve you well. However, if you’re looking for privacy, your fencing company in Glencoe, Illinois may suggest going with a completely different fence material altogether — such as wood, vinyl, or composite.

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