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Commercial Fence Materials to Consider: Insights from a Fencing Company in Evanston, Illinois

Fencing company in Evanston IllinoisThere are all sorts of fence materials on the market today. Each of these materials brings its own pros and cons, and each option excels in different ways.

Do you need help deciding which commercial fence material is right for your property? To help you make an informed decision, this fencing company in Evanston, Illinois is going to review some of the most popular materials below.

Metal Fencing

Metal is the ultimate security fencing material. Not only is it extremely strong, but it’s difficult to climb over. This makes it great for use around factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and other high-security areas.

However, metal isn’t just great for security purposes. It’s also highly aesthetically pleasing, providing a luxurious and regal aesthetic to any property upon which it’s installed.

One potential downside to metal is that it provides essentially no privacy. Its bars are spaced far enough apart that they can easily be seen through.

There are two primary metal fencing materials: steel and wrought iron. Both can last for well over 100 years when installed by a professional fencing company in Evanston, Illinois. However, wrought iron requires much more maintenance over time, as it’s prone to rusting.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is also technically made of metal. However, it contains other components as well, giving it unique characteristics.

This material has a bit of give to it, making it less secure than steel and wrought iron. It’s also woven together, making it easier to climb. That said, when combined with barbed wire, it provides solid security for commercial properties.

Your fencing company in Evanston, Illinois can also equip chain link fencing with privacy slats if desired. This gives it good (but not great) privacy capabilities.

Vinyl Fencing

Another option to consider is vinyl. Vinyl fencing lasts for around 30 years and requires very little maintenance. It offers not only good security, but excellent privacy as well.

Most fencing companies in Evanston, Illinois offer vinyl fencing in a variety of colors — from black to gray to green to red and so on. There are also several style options available.

The true strength of vinyl fencing is its price. It offers a wide variety of positive attributes at a very affordable cost. If you’re looking to enhance the look, privacy, and security of your property without breaking the bank, vinyl fencing is a fantastic option.

Composite Fencing

Another option is composite fencing. This is essentially a high-quality version of vinyl fencing. It lasts longer, looks great, and is less susceptible to damage. That said, it costs more to install as well.

Composite fencing, like vinyl, excels on all fronts. Not only does it provide terrific security, but excellent privacy as well.

If you’re searching for a highly versatile fencing material that will last the long haul, composite is the material for you.

Wood Fencing

The last material we’ll discuss is wood. Most people will agree that wood fencing is the most aesthetically pleasing option, as it possesses a natural and charming aesthetic. It can also be painted in a variety of colors, allowing for endless aesthetic possibilities.

Wood offers decent security and excellent privacy. One thing to note, however, is that it requires a great deal of maintenance. For a busy business owner, its high maintenance needs can be a non-starter.

That said, it brings a lot to the table, and it could certainly enhance the look of any restaurant, bar, retail store, or similar establishment.

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