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What Are the Main Differences Between Steel Fencing and Wrought Iron Fencing? A Fencing Company in Cary, Illinois Explains

Fencing company in Cary IllinoisAre you looking to improve the aesthetic of your property? Maybe you’re looking to increase your level of security? Whatever the case may be, if you’re thinking about installing a new fence, metal is a fantastic material you may want to consider.

There are a few different types of metal fences that are popular today: steel fencing and wrought iron fencing. Not sure which option is right for your property? To help you decide, this fencing company in Cary, Illinois is going to discuss some of their key differences below.


As far as durability goes, there’s not a lot of difference between these two materials. Both are built to last well over 100 years, with the potential of lasting over 150 years with proper maintenance. Simply put, these are the two most durable fencing materials.

One thing to note here is that, compared to steel fences, wrought iron fences need a lot more maintenance to reach their full lifespan.


We just brought up maintenance. Now, let’s expound on it. Whereas steel fencing generally needs to be cleaned on occasion, wrought iron fencing needs to be cleaned, de-rusted, and repainted.

In most cases, de-rusting and repainting need to be done every three to five years. If you don’t de-rust and repaint your wrought iron fence in a timely manner, it will lose years off its lifespan.

In the end, the maintenance associated with a wrought iron fence requires both a larger time and money commitment than the maintenance associated with a steel fence.


Costs for these materials can vary wildly depending on which fencing company in Cary, Illinois you work with. That said, the highest-quality steel fencing is typically going to cost you more than the highest-quality wrought iron fencing — quite a bit more, in fact. It’s reasonable to say that wrought iron fencing costs around 75% of what steel fencing costs.

However, this doesn’t take maintenance costs into account. When you consider the amount of money that is spent on maintaining a wrought iron fence over the years, the costs start to balance out. Steel might still be slightly more expensive in the long run, but it’s very comparable.


Most people will agree that both steel and wrought iron are pleasant to look at. They each have a high-end aesthetic and will instantly heighten the look of any property. That said, they have a few differences.

Steel fencing tends to possess a more modern look overall. Wrought iron fencing tends to have more traditional look.


Both fencing materials are exceptional for security purposes. Not only can they be built tall, but they’re also difficult to climb. Plus, due to their strength, they’re extremely difficult to break through. This makes them great for both residential and commercial security purposes.


In terms of privacy, neither one of these materials offers much. Their posts are spread too far apart to block any form of sight. In other words, they can be easily seen through.

If you wish, your fencing company in Cary, Illinois could equip them with privacy slats. However, this would significantly reduce the aesthetic of the fence. If you want a fence with more privacy, you should probably consider an option like vinyl, composite, or wood.

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