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Should You Install a New Vinyl Fence in Long Grove, Illinois?


Should You Install a New Vinyl Fence in Long Grove, Illinois?

If you’re looking to make some enhancements to your Long Grove, Illinois property, you might consider installing a new fence. A new fence will not only improve the aesthetic of your property, it will also increase its security and privacy.

There are a variety of different fencing materials available, each of which offers something a little different in terms of performance and functionality. One of the most popular of these materials is vinyl, a material that offers both security and privacy.

Interested in learning more about a new vinyl fence in Long Grove? Then read below! This article has you covered.

What are the Upsides of New Vinyl Fencing?

New vinyl fences are beneficial in a number of ways. These are the upsides of vinyl fences:


One of the biggest upsides of vinyl fences is that they’re affordable. Generally, the only fence material that’s cheaper than vinyl is wood. However, when you factor in the maintenance costs associated with wood fences, vinyl fences typically end up being much less expensive in the long run.

At the present time, the installation of 150 linear feet of vinyl fencing costs between $3,000 and $6,000.


If you’re looking for a fencing material that you can set and forget, vinyl is a great option. This material is tough and durable, generally only requiring a cleaning every year or so, if at all.

The maintenance costs associated with a vinyl fence are negligible. In most cases, vinyl fence owners will only need to pay for cleaning supplies.

Resistant to Weather

Another huge benefit of vinyl fences is that they’re resistant to water. They can be exposed to any amount of moisture exposure without suffering adverse effects.

This is in direct contrast to a material like wood, which is highly vulnerable to moisture and requires a great deal of maintenance in order to be protected from snow and rainfall.

Durable for Its Price

While vinyl isn’t the most durable fencing material on the market, it is the most durable material in its price range. Generally, you can expect to get 20 to 30 years out of a vinyl fence. In contrast, a wood fence will typically provide you with around 15 to 25 years of use.

What are the Downsides of Vinyl Fencing?

While vinyl fences most certainly have their advantages, they have their downsides as well. The most prominent downsides of vinyl fences include the following:

Vulnerable to the Cold

Perhaps the biggest downside of vinyl fencing is that it’s vulnerable to the cold. The colder the temperatures a vinyl fence experiences, the more it will contract and become misshapen.

Here in Long Grove, this can be particularly problematic. Nonetheless, many homeowners make use of vinyl fences, typically experiencing only the most minimal of problems.

Limited Aesthetic

Vinyl fences are far from ugly. However, they aren’t exactly aesthetic marvels either. Because they’re made out of a synthetic material, they have a bit of a manufactured look to them. Not to mention, they can’t be painted, which limits their color options.

That being said, there’s little a vinyl fence will do to detract from the aesthetic of your yard.

In fact, it will likely still provide some sort of aesthetic benefit.

Looking to Install a New Vinyl Fence in Long Grove, Illinois?

Is a new vinyl fence right for you and your yard? Looking to install a vinyl fence in Long Grove, Illinois? If so, we here at Action Fence are the people to see.

Over the years, our team of seasoned and skilled fence installation specialists has installed vinyl fences around a number of Long Grove properties. We would be glad to provide your yard with the security and privacy it needs.

Contact us right now to get the process started!

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