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Assessing the Pros and Cons of Chain Link Fencing in Lake Forest


Assessing the Pros and Cons of Chain Link Fencing in Lake Forest

Maybe you have pets that you want to keep confined to your yard? Perhaps you’re looking to prevent outsiders from stepping into your yard? Whatever the case may be, you’ve decided to install a fence. The main thing left to consider now is what type of fence you’ll install.

There are a number of fencing materials available, from wood, to vinyl, to steel, and much more. One of the most commonly used fencing materials is chain link: a durable, yet inexpensive material that thrives in a number of ways.

Interested in learning more about chain link fencing in Lake Forest? You can read about its pros and cons below.



When it comes to affordability, chain link fencing reigns supreme. This is easily the most affordable of all fencing materials, usually only costing around 7 dollars per linear square foot. Not to mention, it requires almost no maintenance whatsoever. If you’re buying on a budget, they’re a great option.

Little Maintenance Required

As noted above, chain link fences require almost no maintenance. This material holds up admirably when exposed to both moisture and sunlight. Typically, chain link will survive for around 15 years before taking on any rust.

Once it rusts, you can choose to remove the rust, or install new fencing. In most cases, it’s wise to simply buy new.

Secures Children and Pets

If your goal with your fence is to secure your pets and/or children, a chain link fence should serve you just fine. These fences aren’t exactly great at keeping out potential intruders (they can be easily climbed over), but they’re essentially impenetrable to objects and animals that can’t get over them.

Fairly Durable

Although they’re not quite on the level of cast iron fences, chain link fences are still fairly durable. Generally, you’ll get somewhere between 15 and 20 years of optimal use out of a chain link fence. Considering the low cost of chain link, this is quite the lifespan.


Aesthetically Boring

While it’s not exactly terrible to look at, most people don’t consider chain link beautiful to look at either. In most cases, a chain link fence won’t do a whole lot to improve the overall aesthetic of your home. It’s a standard, middle-of-the-road fencing material that serves its purpose in an aesthetically unremarkable way.

Fairly Easy to Infiltrate

As mentioned above, chain link fences do very little to keep out intruders. In most cases, intruders will be able to climb over them in the matter of a few seconds. The only cases in which this is not true are when chain link fences are accompanied by barbed wire.

The point is: if your only goal is to secure your property from outsiders, chain link might not get the job done.

Limited Privacy

Just as chain links fences provide almost no security from outsiders, they also provide little privacy from outsiders. These fences are essentially see-through. It’s difficult to hide anything behind a chain link fence.

If you’re looking for privacy, wood or vinyl might be the better option.

Looking to Install a Chain Link Fence in Lake Forest?

Do you think you could benefit from a chain link fence? If so, and if you’re looking to install a chain link fence in Lake Forest, Illinois, we here at Action Fence can help you.

With over 40 years of experience on our side, we have installed numerous chain link fences throughout the Lake Forest area. It would be our honor to install yours as well.

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